Industries is the mother of good luck

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By the grace of Almighty Allah, IOTMDCP Industries Limited had been established 2019. I deal with you on the larger context of Corporate Governance where we are to take care not simplest of our traders but also all the others who're impacted by way of our operation as a monetary entity, imparting items and offerings for the advantage and development of the society and sustainability of the environment. At the identical time, we create a monetary surplus for the benefit of the buyers and fulfill the want for developing the organizational capability. This is a balancing act and your Board is conscious of this duty and do its first -class to accomplish the objective.

IOTMDCP Industries Limited has a royal plan to introduce innovative thoughts to represent building, comprising of all current facilities for the comfort of clients.

IOTMDCP Industries consists of a distinctly qualified, experienced, dynamic and inspired control team of Engineers, Architects, Marketing and different professionals.

Our intention is to develop quality technical & commercial residences with high standards at affordable prices, to obtain patron contentment to appreciate and observe Safety, Environmental and criminal requirements.

We hope that you may continue to assist us in all our future Endeavor together with your inputs. We cost your perspectives immensely for a hit production of our country’s in this sector.

We deal with our environment. All our factories are compliant of the environmental laws. There are rules for Safety, Health and Environment that are observed meticulously.

And finally, we make sure that the enterprise is governed below carefully considered tips and that the traders are competently rewarded inside the brief time period and their investments grow in fee in a sustainable way within the long term.

Our Motto means, “Your safety-we make into comfort”.

Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal

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