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History of IOTMDCP

At the initiative of MD. Mohiminul Islam, the honorable founder of the company, a meeting attended by some distinguished management team, expert Engineers, Marketing team, Accounting team and Human Resource Management team was convened at the IOTMDCP INDUSTRIES LTD (proposed) company in Rajshahi city. At the purpose, the company is established and founded by MD. Mohiminul Islam in 2019. At the meeting proposal, the company will be designs and manufactures Electrical and Electronic equipment’s. Quality is an integral part of the company philosophy. The honorable chairman MD. Mohiminul Islam are the Directors of the company who are dedicated and honest business personnel. In addition to building accurate and durable equipment’s we provide extensive technical support. We focus on establishing strong business relationships based on customer satisfaction and commitment to providing quality products and services. IOTMDCP INDUSTRIES LTD. is an immerging company dealing with innovative machines which can ease human work by digital automation as well as help creating a better environment. This is the most famous industrial, technical and product base IT company in Bangladesh. Directors of the company are motivated to re-invest revenue of the company rather than dividend sharing because the directors desire to create products, services and employments to establish a happy & proud citizen of the nation.

Aims & Objectives of the IOTMDCP

The company intends to achieve this goal through the following means:

  1. Create a better world by Innovation and Digital automation
  2. Constant improvement of its products 'technical performance and its type-related services' quality
  3. Alongside its core activities, development of new technologies or products to support sustainable mobility
  4. Ongoing active role both in public debate on future modes of transport and in researching relevant ways of transition towards sustainable mobility.
  5. Delivering appropriate messages to its customers, enabling them to adopt sound purchasing behaviors and positive attitudes towards road safety and environmental issues.

Objectives of IOTMDCP

  1. Achieve long and short term sales target and overall growth.
  2. Updated Digital automation technology services.
  3. Quality production and after sales service.
  4. To understand the importance and characteristics of strategic management to all forms of organization
  5. To investigate a range of strategic management models and their strengths and weaknesses
  6. To analyses and evaluate a range of strategic management models
  7. To apply and to tailor models of strategic management as appropriate


Head Office:
Horogram Notunpara, Rajpara, Rajshahi Court, Rajshahi.

Factory Address:
Bashantapur, Godagari, Rajshahi.
The Factory is situated on 1.32 acrs (4 Bighas) of land.

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