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Automated Toilet and Gas Cleaning (ATGC) System

Automated Toilet and Gas Cleaning (ATGC) System which could be a smart toilet flash system that may flash, clean and take away odor or unhealthy gases from the rest room automatically by sensing digitally when someone just left after using. Someone doesn't need to do anything manually after using the rest room. This automated ATGC system controlled using electronic equipment and its simplest to build and use. Public toilets within the country situated in railway stations, hospitals, shopping malls etc. are being dirty for irresponsible and illiterate users. They don’t flash it after using. This problem is addressed before by manual cleaning engaging cleaners, snipers and other cleaning staff. But this job was never been done properly thanks to some reasons like lack of man power, frequent or over use of toilets where number of users are during a great deal etc. Impact of this can be unhealthy toilet atmosphere which irritates users and also spreads germs not only within the toilet area but also round the area where this air bourn germ can reach.

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