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IOTMDCP Industries Limited is a new concern of the business that concerns IT base service. The mission of the company is to ease human work by digital automation as well as help creating a better environment. The company has started traveling since 2019. This is a diversified business entity. The company's core philosophy is to create a brand that is a sound mix of innovation, excellence and creativity. With the desire to make it even bigger, the company has developed state-of-the-art technology and machinery of world-renowned modern brands to ensure of standard quality. As a modernization initiative, it integrates research and development, production, marketing sales and services together. This company provide manufacturing facilities ensure that each process follows the highest level of precision. This company in its short but significant journey, has achieved a series of amazing success in the following arena:

  1. Company
    This is an immerging company dealing with innovative machines which can ease human work by digital automation as well as help creating a better environment. This is the most famous industrial, technical and product base IT company in Bangladesh. Directors of the company are motivated to re-invest revenue of the company rather than dividend sharing because the directors desire to create products, services and employments to establish a happy & proud citizen of the nation.
  2. Quality of IOTMDCP
    The product, services, facilities of this company is most qualified. Over the years, this company has demonstrated their values of Trust, Uprightness, Care and Collaboration that made us different.
  3. Efficient Administration
    There are most qualified and skillful administration in this company. To grow up business in the top of the position there are play a vital role in our administration board.
  4. Facilities
    It’s not to tell about the facilities of this company. This company provide a standard quality of facilities for all people.
  5. IT Expertise
    IOTMDCP is the manufacture industrial company so it’s IT sector team is very strong. There are a very skillful it expertise team who working very hard to grow up the company and also assure the best quality level services.
  6. High Speed Internet
    This company provide high speed internet for all people. And also provide 24 hours technical internet support.
  7. Email Facility
    This company working process very standard level. All time email services for all team and customers. There are many webmail for services which control by this company service team.
  8. Location

    Head Office:
    Horogram Notunpara, Rajpara, Rajshahi Court, Rajshahi.
    Factory Address:
    Bashantapur, Godagari, Rajshahi.
    The Factory is situated on 1.32 acrs (4 Bighas) of land.

  9. Extar -curriculam activities
    This company have many extra curriculum activities. They are Invented- Automated Toilet and Gas Cleaning (ATGC) System; Smart On-line Rechargeable Prepaid Meter (SORPM) System; Smart Agriculture and Irrigation Monitoring (SAIM) System
  10. Discipline
    There are maintain a standard discipline environment. This company provide peaceful environment office, neat and clean everything, well decoration, perfect environment for work.
  11. Fresher’s Welcome
    Fresher are mostly welcome in this company. IOTMDCP also provide a perfect career for fresher people. Provide the same facilities and environment for all fresher who are enter this company.

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